A welcoming, supportive workplace

At 5 ELK, we understand that when remote staff and VAs are comfortable and engaged, they are more likely to stick around.

Our facilities have been carefully fitted out to create a positive and healthy working environment.

Our Offices

Your 5 ELK team member is 100% office based. This means data is secure and system downtime is minimised.

Based in Cebu and Pampanga, our work areas are clean, spacious and modern. Staff sit at their own desk and are welcomed each day by a group of friendly faces.

Your team member is overseen by a dedicated senior point of contact to ensure they are productive and enjoying their role. They will generally be online during Australian business hours.

We include ongoing management and monthly training of your team members through our Growth Academy, as well as the opportunity for a monthly ‘Pulse Check’ meeting.

Talk to us about hiring a VA for your financial adviser business or establishing an entire remote working team. You can rest assured that your new employee/s will be well-looked after and have great quality working conditions.

The Set Up

To ensure that your 5 ELK VA or remote team member can perform at their very best, we provide them with a fully equipped workstation, including a PC with the following capabilities:

  • 7th Gen Core i3 Processor
  • Amazon Workspace
  • DNS (5 ELK server)
  • 118 HDD
  • Asus Motherboard
  • 19″ Dual LCD Monitors
  • A4 Tech HD 1080P Webcam
  • GeForce GPU (video Card)
  • Windows 10 Pro (with license)
  • Cisco provided network and firewall
  • Two internet service providers (one for backup)

Staff Benefits

As well as taking care of your business, we want to take care of your VA and other remote staff. After all, a happy and comfortable team member performs at their best and stays around for longer.

Your team member’s employment package includes extra benefits such as private health insurance.

Book a call to find out how a VA or offshore team member can help your financial adviser business.

We’re Here for You

We won’t be ‘sailing into the sunset’ once your team member starts in your business. Our regular check-ins will help address training gaps and solve problems, ensuring your team members are constantly adding value to your business.