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Danielle Cornelissen is helping financial advisers to take control of their workloads and their profits

Too many financial advisers are overworked and underpaid, despite helping their clients to grow incredible wealth!
Danielle Cornelissen knows this all too well, having operated her own financial advice business for many years. It was the ‘hamster wheel’ existence that led her to establish a remote team so she could build a thriving and profitable business.
As a financial speaker, Danielle helps other financial business owners to build their teams without breaking their budgets.

Financial Services

Keynote Speaker & Guest

When presenting to financial service business owners, Danielle shares practical, easy to implement insights on how to develop clever systems and processes.

Informative and engaging, Danielle’s presentations have shown hundreds of business owners how to outsource for success.

We have been amazed by the level of detail and knowledge that Danielle has regarding what goes on in a Financial Planning business. This is helping us immeasurably in focusing on the services that our clients want and to also improve our team within our office.

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Financial Speaker Topics

Keynote Topic

Oftentimes there are subtle signs that someone is struggling with life, and when these feelings
become unbearable, they may start thinking that suicide is their only option. This 3.5 hour (or less) CALM Care program teaches you how to be suicide aware, and recognise when someone may be thinking about ending their life.

What You Need To Know

  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes most people make when marketing and How to Fix Them
  • How to create an effective 12-month Marketing Plan for your specific business
  • 25 different ways to market your business with real examples and screenshots
  • The One strategy that generated our client more than $350,000 within 4 weeks
  • The simple spreadsheet that calculates the Return On Marketing spend for you
  • 8 examples of Lead Magnets and Landing Pages that work the best right now
  • The Perfect Website Layout for your service-based or product-based business



Those long work hours catch up with everyone eventually.

If you and your current staff are feeling the pressure and becoming disengaged, we can help you expand your team without breaking your budget.

The 5 ELK difference is that we train your staff and check in regularly to see how our team can be even more effective for your business.

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