Tools & Templates

Want to educate yourself about how to build an offshore team the right way? Our resources below will help you avoid common mistakes and move forward with confidence.
Offshore Outsourcing Tools & Templates

21 Tasks that Financial Advisers can outsource

Are you trying to understand what types of tasks a 5 ELK team member could help you with? Here are 21 jobs that your Australian team should no longer be doing.

Offshore Outsourcing Tools & Templates

How 5 ELK can help your financial advice business

Want to understand more about our service and pricing? Do you have questions about our data security? Are you wondering how we’re different from other businesses? Our brochure will answer all your burning questions.

Outsourcing Checklist

Need help finding the perfect outsourcing firm?
We’ve put together a detailed checklist for you that outlines 10 important questions to ask outsourcing firms before partnering with them.


Take our 3-minute quiz to find out if your business is going to benefit from having an offshore team member or not.