The 5 ELK Story

Since Day 1, 5 ELK was built to offer a secure and effective way for financial advice businesses to build an offshore team. Find out more about our unique journey, and why that matters to you, below.

The 5 ELK Story

Financial Advisers are professional, dedicated and make a huge difference to their clients lives...

They also work very, very hard!

How do we know? Our Director has been in financial services for over 20 years. After realising how tricky it is to find the balance between workload and profits, we started investigating the best ways to outsource to an overseas team.

That’s when we realised that not just any help will do when it comes to a financial advice business, especially when dealing with a remote team.

Outsourcing that’s specific to the financial advice industry

As a financial planner, your processes, limitations and requirements are unique.

At 5 ELK, we decided to create an outsourcing solution that specialises in meeting those exact needs.

We don’t deliver a one-size-fits-all service for any kind of small business because we understand that doing so may end up increasing your workload.

Specialised remote worker solutions

When starting our outsourcing business, we wanted to do it right.

Our Director Danielle relocated to The Philippines so she could focus on hiring the right people, training them and supervising them as they apply their niche skills in financial planning, administration and customer service.

As well as hiring remote team members, we help our clients by showing them how to introduce the systems and processes that make things run like clockwork.

It’s all about making your business more streamlined, efficient and profitable.

Your team member is also 100 percent committed to you. By developing and nurturing a relationship with a VA or remote worker over time, you’ll be able to train them in your way of doing things and generate an ever-increasing return on the time you invest in them.

Our experience = your business growth

The financial advice businesses we work with at 5 ELK find themselves with more time, less stress and better profits. They can leverage their new headcounts to scale and bring on new clients without losing money in the process.

Existing staff are able to work without so much pressure and business owners finally have the flexibility and support to achieve their goals.

Contact 5 ELK today to find out how we can help you to transform your business.