Data privacy and security are critical considerations for financial services professionals.

If you are considering offshore outsourcing, work with a provider that keeps security top of mind at all times.

Digital Security at 5 ELK

Client data privacy and security is critical for any financial services business.

The risk of sensitive information being compromised is real, regardless of whether your business outsources, uses a cloud solution or hosts data locally.

We have taken a number of steps to ensure the security of your data, including:

  • Completing due diligence and background checks upon recruitment
  • Supervising all staff in a dedicated work area that requires security access
  • Using specialist password protection software so that we never require your external log-in details
  • No printers or USB ports are connected to our PC terminals, and use of portable devices such as smartphones or iPads are prohibited from the designated work spaces, restricting downloads
  • Surveillance software that can be used to track activities and emails

Through rigorous staff background checks, sophisticated surveillance measures, secure password management and world-class web servers, 5 ELK protects your financial adviser business and minimises the risks of offshore outsourcing.

Protecting You and Your Clients

Many offshore outsourcing providers do not understand the importance of security in the financial services industry. They allow workers to set up at home and do not take extra steps to protect equipment and cloud-based portals.

At 5 ELK, we are committed to protecting the financial information of our clients and their customers. Security is as big a part of what we do as the work itself.

As well as following strict guidelines, all staff are fully trained so they also understand the importance of keeping information and data safe online.

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