Stop working such long hours
and start growing your profits!

Operating a General Insurance agency can be hugely fulfilling but you need to build a future for yourself as well as your clients.

If you are overwhelmed with work and still finding it hard to build your profits, we are here to help.

5 ELK specialises in helping general insurance businesses to establish and operate a remote team that will save time and money.

Work with us to redefine your business and supercharge your productivity. We provide a purpose-made service to help you achieve your business goals.


Our outsourcing service matches your business with a well-trained team member who can do the heavy lifting and will help you grow.
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Challenge #1

Business Bottlenecks

Are you working all hours of the day and night but still never getting on top of things?

When you become the roadblock in your business, it’s time to start delegating the tasks that don’t require your top level skills.

Let our outsourcing service help you find the right people to unblock your business and let you focus on more profit-generating tasks.

Working with 5 ELK is one of the best business decisions we have made. The capacity they have freed up in our business is incredible. This has been a real game-changer for our business…couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

Sam Carroll
Talem Wealth

Challenge #2

Hiring Headaches

Nobody goes into business to break even!

At 5 ELK, we apply our industry experience to stop the squeeze on profit margins and help our clients access reliable support from skilled workers.

Get on top of your cash flow, improve the value of your business and reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of your service.

5 ELK helped us streamline our systems and processes and remove ourselves from the grunt work, much quicker than we expected. This has allowed us to scale up and employ more income-generating staff, which has had a profound effect on our bottom line. None of it would have ever been possible without the support of the team at 5 ELK.

James Millard
Sufficient Funds

Challenge #3

Overtime & Overwhelm

Those long work hours catch up with everyone eventually.

If you and your current staff are feeling the pressure and becoming disengaged, we can help you expand your team without breaking your budget.

The 5 ELK difference is that we train your staff and check in regularly to see how our team can be even more effective for your business.

We would not be able to cope without our three amazing girls working for us through 5 ELK… they have truly changed the way we run our business. The possibilities will be endless with what you and your business can achieve with their assistance!

Dannae Woolman
Hillross Horsham

We’re 5 Elk

We stick to helping general insurance businesses to build outsourced solutions.

Drawing from our own industry expertise, we hire remote team members and show insurance brokers how to leverage them to create a more efficient, profitable business.

Why Choose 5 Elk

Our financial outsourcing service was tailor made to solve your problems.
Industry Experts

Our operators have worked in the finance services industry for decades.

Build Strong Foundations

Our resources will help you build efficient processes based on industry best-practice.

Keep Information Secure

All staff follow strict security measures to protect you and your clients.

Scale Your Business

Grow rapidly and start earning the profits that you really deserve.

Free Your Time

Step away from the endless pressure of running your financial services business.

Dedicated support

You’ll have your own offshore team member, plus a close relationship with the 5 ELK team.


Our clients wonder how they survived without their 5 ELK support crew.


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