I’ve known outsourcers from way back, before I even knew it was a thing. Anyone with an older sibling has probably been outsourced to.

Have you ever had your older brother, sister or cousin pay you to do their chores for them? Cleaning their room, doing the dishes, washing the car and taking out the rubbish are all tasks that were outsourced to me.


Being the youngest of five kids, I was usually the one who could be easily swayed in to doing my older siblings chores for a small sum. While the chores weren’t exactly glamorous, earning that extra cash for me was worth every dirty dish. My brothers and sisters had homework to do and I had all the time in the world, happy to be paid in gold coins to clean and tidy.

However my role in this outsourcing business eventually reversed. I am now the one with ‘homework’, the one with responsibilities, so I have made the decision to be more selective with how I spend my time. I want to spend it my family, travelling and doing things I enjoy, so I have a gardener who saves me from hours of debilitating pain thanks to a unreliable back, and a cleaner who relieves me of my distain for disinfectants.

I have grown up and matured, and so has the way I achieve my outsourcing. My time, like many other working professionals, is extremely valuable. I outsource all the tasks that I believe can be completed better than I could hope to manage. I am more strategic in who I rely on to complete my tasks, being clear with instructions and knowing how to get the best result.


When you are the 5-year-old with ample time, getting a gold coin for doing a ten minute job was the best. For your older siblings or parents who needed that spare ten minutes to complete their work, to talk on the phone or to just relax, it was even better.

I hope as I work towards my ability to outsource even further that one day I am only doing those things I truly want to be doing with my life.