Using Video in Your Client Onboarding Experience

Bringing on a new client is an exciting time. It’s the start of a new relationship, and an opportunity to help and make a real difference in someone’s life.

But from a new client’s perspective, particularly one that hasn’t used a financial planner before, it can be a time filled with uncertainty, uncomfortable conversations, and a whole lot of paperwork.

So thinking carefully about how best to guide and control your new client process, through systems that facilitate the desired outcomes and experience, for both you and your client, is incredibly important.

And that’s where onboarding comes in. Because it’s those first experiences, that really set the tone for the relationship.

Onboarding is the process, path and the touchpoints that take your client from “newbie” to “established”, in a way that has them feeling confident and in control. Done right, it helps them and it helps you.

The key, is to ensure each step focuses on achieving the next small success milestone for your client, and an opportunity for them to feel and see progress.

But your onboarding process doesn’t have to be all meetings, thud-factor documents and boring emails. It can be a combination of events and experiences – both big and small – that are self-directed or guided by you.

And video, can be one way to add a little spice to the process, and turn a forgettable client experience into a memorable one.

Send an interactive first appointment confirmation message

When confirming the all-important first appointment, it doesn’t have to be just a text email. Your aim should be to introduce a little bit of wow, and take some of the stress and fear away from the first meeting experience.

Using an email template and a pre-recorded video, you can quite literally show your new clients what to expect. Your video can show the outside of your office and surrounds, to help people get their bearings. It can show your reception area, staff, and what to expect in your meeting rooms. And if parking or access is a bit tricky, you can also show people the best spots or any little tips.

Explain your process

The financial planning or mortgage broking process can be overwhelming if you haven’t been through it before. So being able to explain the steps to a new client in a quick, clear and simple way, can help set their expectations.

But let’s face it. You probably don’t want to be having the same conversation over and over again with each new client. And that’s where animated videos can help.

They’re short and scripted so you hit all the important points. They hold people’s attention, and are a little more engaging than your typical process flow-chart.

3genies - cafe Summarise your meeting action steps

One of the challenges of providing effective financial advice, is being able to demonstrate and lead clients towards the kind of behaviours that will help them achieve their goals.

And sometimes that means leaving clients with a couple of things they need to do, after a meeting.

Some clients will love the simplicity of a checklist, while others will respond better to a different medium. Try recording a quick personalised, “what to do next and why” video on your smartphone, upload it to YouTube using the Capture app, and set it to private so it’s only accessible via direct link.

It will help reinforce what you’ve discussed in your meeting, and encourage clients to take action and start making progress.

Educate clients about the basics

New clients will often be introduced to concepts and product types that they aren’t familiar with or have never given much thought to before. And while most advisers try hard to avoid jargon and keep things simple, having a library of explainer videos on hand, can help.

Whether it’s explaining what an income protection policy is, the risk-return trade-off, or digging in to the costs of buying a property, explainer videos can help support your conversations and face-to-face explanations.

Don’t think just because you’ve explained something in a meeting, the client will instantly “get” it or even remember it. Providing a snappy little video summary can be the trick to embedding that knowledge long-term.

Walkthrough technology

Many financial advisers make use of software like Moneysoft or Pocketbook, to help their clients manage their own budgets. And while the software is pretty simple at face value, being able to show your clients a few quick wins to get them up and running quickly and reaping the rewards, is worth the effort.

Using a tool like Camtasia, you can easily record a simple video showing the first few vital steps. Of course, the software tools themselves will have their own support systems, but by recording your own videos, you can emphasise the features and rationale that complement your own process and philosophy.

Designing a consistent onboarding process that’s engaging, sets expectations and creates a positive experience is a win for both you and your clients. And it can also lead to referrals as news of your tiny wow moments, gets around.

So tell me, what’s one step you can take towards improving your client onboarding process, this week?

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