Why You Should Host A Webinar

After asking the question, there was a resounding response of why some people were avoiding going to see a financial planner – They were too scared. It’s the same reason people avoid going to see a doctor, because of the possible bad news they’ll receive. Ignorance is bliss, or is it?

Deep down we all know that the sooner we take care of what is bothering us, the better we’ll feel. For those of us in the financial advice industry, it makes sense to get your finances in order, creating a more secure future for you in the long run. But for some, the fear of judgement, the overwhelming debt or lack of funds can cause a crippling fear to seek financial advice.

To counteract this, I’ve been toying with an idea that could generate a new generation of clients. What is this ingenious idea I hear you ask? Webinars.

Recently I blogged about how to set up your very own webinar through a program I use, called zoom, and what better way to kick off your webinar hosting career with a general ‘What to Expect from Financial Advisers’ webinar.

I’m not suggesting you give advice from this platform, especially without knowing much about your audience, but what better way to put minds at ease and help to extinguish stigmas than with a no obligations, general chat about what to expect. You could even throw some examples and a case study in there.

With a generation of commitment-phobic, spend-now-ask-questions-later type of attitude, getting anyone under the age of 40 in to see a financial adviser can be more difficult than pulling hen’s teeth.

So rather than trying to drag them in to an initial appointment kicking and screaming, why not reach out to them via a platform they understand and feel comfortable with. You might be pleasantly surprised with the interest in your services, and in term pleasantly surprise some non-financial-advice-believers in the process.

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